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    AG聊天窗口"'I've just had kittens,' she said. 'Six—and I haven't been able to leave them a moment. They are in the farmer's parlor now. Come in and I'll show them to you.'


    Then he strode through the prison door out into the sunlit street, while the frightened people fell back on either side and covered their faces, whispering:
    In the meantime the Emir, celebrating victory in his palace, gave orders that the Harmattan Rocks, which were now to be called the Royal Ellebubu Pearl Fisheries, would henceforth be his exclusive, private property, and no trespassing would be allowed. And he sent out six special men with orders to take over the islands and to bring all the pearls to him.
    "Take him below!" roared the Captain. "Take him below before I kill him."


    1."Then I thought maybe if I went off through the woods too-witting and too-hooing all the way, they would follow me and I could then lead them out of the forest and show them the way home. So I tried it. But they didn't follow me, the stupid little beggars—thinking I was a witch or some evil nonsense of that kind. And all I got for my too-witting and too-hooing all over the place was to wake up another owl some distance off, who thought I was calling to him.
    2."He's coming to," said Dab-Dab. "See, his eyes are beginning to blink."
    3."I'll soon settle them, when I get back," said Jip. "I hope we go soon."
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